American Viewpoint Wins AAPC Republican Pollster of the Year Pollie

For Immediate Release Contact:
Linda DiVall and Randall Gutermuth
Alexandria, VA  
(703) 684-3325
April 7, 2014

At Friday night’s American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Awards dinner in San Diego, American Viewpoint received the Campaign Excellence Award for Republican Pollster of the Year for its development of the firm’s Age Stratification Model that was put to the test in the Louisiana 5th Congressional District special election.

"This is a tremendous honor for American Viewpoint," said American Viewpoint Founder and President, Linda DiVall.  "Our entire team dedicated 2013 to a rigorous pursuit of overcoming the challenges confronting the polling industry.  We are deeply appreciative to be recognized by our peers with this award.”

In order to get a truly representative sample and to more accurately predict turnout, American Viewpoint has developed an Age Stratification Model that takes into account lower response rates among younger voters and minorities.  This limits the amount of weighting needed after interviews are conducted and better gauges vote likelihood. 

“We made a concerted effort to be a leader in the industry in experimenting with new methodologies as well as improving existing ones.  We are very proud of this honor and look forward to continuing to implement these methodologies for the remainder of the 2014 cycle and beyond,” said American Viewpoint Chief Operating Officer Randall Gutermuth. 

“One of the challenges of polling in the Louisiana CD-5 runoff election was determining what the makeup of the electorate is in a special election runoff between two Republicans where registered Democrats and Independents could vote. With no previous similar election in this district to serve as a baseline, our accuracy was dependent on our newly developed stratification model,” said newly named American Viewpoint Vice President David Kanevsky.  The table below outlines how accurate this stratification was in the LA CD-5 special election:

"We are pleased to announce the promotion of David Kanevsky to Vice President.  David is a terrific analyst and his unique background of campaign manager and pollster allows him to combine the art and science of political polling to provide our clients the pathway to victory," said Linda DiVall.

American Viewpoint is one of the most widely-respected public opinion research firms in the United States today. Founded in 1985 by Linda DiVall, the company has established a national reputation for outstanding research in politics, corporate affairs, public policy and government relations and has helped elect numerous U.S. Senators, Members of Congress and other elected officials across the country.  American Viewpoint has served as a member of the polling team for every presidential nominee since President Reagan.

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