Political Campaigns and Electoral Politics

Since 1985, American Viewpoint has been one of the leading Republican polling firms in the country, with a record of winning difficult races. Having conducted polling for offices ranging from city council to President of the United States, American Viewpoint’s data and expertise have proved invaluable in directing campaign messaging, resource allocation and overall strategy.

In political polling, accuracy and winning are the attributes of a successful pollster and American Viewpoint regularly accomplishes both. With past clients including every Presidential nominee since President Reagan, numerous U.S. Senators and Members of Congress as well as several Governors and state legislative caucuses, campaigns can be assured in the accuracy, timeliness and quality of the data and the strategic analysis American Viewpoint provides.

We go beyond the normal delivery of data to provide action-oriented strategic and tactical recommendations and develop vote models by media market and Congressional District for our major statewide races.


Health Care Research

American Viewpoint is one of the leading experts in health care-related research with a client list that has included the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and other major insurers, Federation of American Hospitals (FAH), AARP, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), America’s Health Insurance Plans, Pfizer and many others. Very few firms have the depth of knowledge regarding health care that American Viewpoint offers.

Since 1991, we have conducted hundreds of studies in health policy, health communications, member and provider satisfaction and product development. We have extensive knowledge and experience regarding health issues, policies, programs and challenges. Our studies have helped clients assess the legislative environment, launch new products, gauge the impact of changes in benefits, and develop strategies to succeed in the constantly changing health policy environment.

  • Health care related research conducted by American Viewpoint includes:

  • Extensive surveys and focus groups regarding the Medicare Program; 

  • Insurance plan evaluations; Focus groups and surveys of physicians and dentists; 

  • Policy-related research on Medical Malpractice Reform; 

  • Advertising testing on behalf of major hospitals; and 

  • Research regarding state Medicaid programs.

Our data have been presented to Members of Congress, the White House, the Office of Personnel Management, and the national press. Our clients have utilized our survey research, focus groups, and audience response dial testing research for program assessment and strategic planning in health public policy, health insurance, hospital issues, health program evaluation and pharmaceutical industry concerns.

American Viewpoint’s expertise helps clients deal with complex issues in the health care arena.



We have extensive experience in conducting research relating to health insurance issues for a number of major insurers and our studies have examined almost every aspect of the process including:

  • Member Satisfaction

  • Provider Satisfaction

  • Benefit Development

  • New Product Development, Classification and Positioning

  • Social Engagement-Opinion Leader Assessment

  • Brand Perception-Reputation and Value Proposition

  • Medicare-Medigap Insurance

  • Small-business health insurance issues

  • Health Savings Accounts

  • High-Deductible Health Plans

  • Rates and Reserves

  • Supplemental Dental Insurance

  • Supplemental Vision Insurance

  • Care Coordination/Disease Management

  • Health Insurance Migration

  • Federal Employee Health Benefits Program Research



Even some of the most creative and well-produced ads spur unintended reactions with your target audience. In order to ensure that campaigns and organizations effectively maximize ad buys, many clients have commissioned American Viewpoint to conduct ad testing during the development stages of production.

American Viewpoint has extensive experience utilizing Perception Analyzer™ dial testing to help fine tune advertisements. Respondents use the dials to rate both messages and visuals of advertisements on a moment-by-moment basis. For an example of dial findings, watch the video below.


In the second half of dial test groups, respondents participate in an in-depth discussion of the ads to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the ads as well as what is recalled about each.

Clients such as Bush-Cheney ‘04, Senators Johnny Isakson and Roy Blunt, Governor Matt Blunt and numerous large corporations such as Dow Corning and Altria have called on American Viewpoint to test their advertising both in conceptual and finished forms.



American Viewpoint has extensive experience conducting membership and customer satisfaction studies in a wide range of fields and specializes in interviewing hard-to-reach audiences. The following are a few examples of the worked conducted on behalf of our clients.   

  • Health Insurance Members - American Viewpoint has conducted more than 200,000 member satisfaction interviews for a major health insurance company. The results have been used to rate individual plans, identify members’ concerns and test specific plan benefits.

  • Telecom Customers - American Viewpoint conducted a series of surveys regarding telecommunications products for small businesses. Respondents were decision-makers regarding their companies’ telecom plans. The results of these surveys were used to plan a roll out of a telecommunications company’s website dedicated to their small business customers as well as to develop messaging to drive customers to pay their bills online.

  • Doctors and Nurses - American Viewpoint has also conducted hundreds of provider studies including quantitative and qualitative research to assess issues relating to billing, reimbursement and medical care. In another study, a large pharmaceutical company commissioned American Viewpoint to test the performance of hotlines that doctors and nurses used for questions regarding reimbursement issues.

  • NFL Luxury Ticket-Holders - An NFL team hired American Viewpoint to conduct a series of focus groups with current and potential luxury box and club seat ticket-holders. The findings were used to improve the game day experience for these premium ticket-holders, retain current ticket-holders and sell additional premium tickets. These groups also assisted in designing a new luxury club expansion of the stadium.

Our membership research experience can help you assess the perceptions and potential actions of your members, donors or customers.



Brand strategy is critically important in today’s competitive marketplace and many companies have selected American Viewpoint to conduct strategic brand research related to:

  • Brand Assessment

  • External Communications

  • Spokesperson Testing

  • Crisis Communications

  • Brand Impact

  • Use of Social Media and Consumer Engagement

  • Brand Value

  • Positioning

  • Brand Loyalty and Satisfaction

  • Product Testing

  • Concept Testing

  • Advertising Testing



While always important, effective communications are vital during a crisis. American Viewpoint has assisted organizations facing difficult scrutiny by helping guide their communications efforts through a series of surveys, focus groups and dial testing. Some uses of how survey research can be helpful in managing a crisis include:

• National Survey - This would gauge awareness of allegations against an organization and how that awareness drives down several reputation measurements. This survey can also test messaging to explain the allegations as well as test the potency of opponents’ attacks against the organization in question.

• Dial Testing of News Reports - Often news reports, especially news magazine shows such as 60 Minutes, can be very damaging to an organization’s reputation and it is essential to be able to quickly and efficiently respond to allegations. These dial tests help gauge the impact of the broadcast and strength of the organization’s response.

 • Opinion Elite Focus Groups - Opinion Elite focus groups are very helpful in crafting responses to various accusations. Opinion leaders are respondents who closely follow the news, are active in their community and are those most likely to influence their friends’ and neighbors’ perceptions.

With American Viewpoint’s background in politics, we understand the importance of difficult timelines and a quick turnaround of accurate and actionable recommendations, especially in a crisis mode.



American Viewpoint has been commissioned by Initiative and Referendum campaigns across the country to fund schools, roads and bridges, open space preservation and downtown development among others. Some examples of initiatives that American Viewpoint has assisted include:

Better Jacksonville Plan - Jacksonville voters were asked to pass a ½ cent sales tax increase to help finance $2.2 billion worth of improvements that would vault the city to the forefront of American cities. The project included transportation projects, a new courthouse, main library, arena, baseball park, sewer lines, environmental clean up, and "smart growth" land preservation purchases. A tax increase had not been approved in 12 years. Ultimately the Better Jacksonville Plan referendum passed 57%-43%.

Amendment Three (MO) - With Missouri’s roads being ranked among the most unsafe in the country and voters having rejected previous initiatives to increase transportation funding, transportation advocates turned to American Viewpoint to help guide their efforts. American Viewpoint conducted a benchmark, several brushfire surveys and nightly tracking for the campaign. The Amendment passed with an astounding 79% of the vote on Election Day.Open Space Preservation - In recent years American Viewpoint has worked with groups such as the Trust for Public Lands to help pass bond and tax initiatives in order to fund open space as well as conservation projects.

Cobb County Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) - American Viewpoint was commissioned by local education activists to conduct polling regarding a sales tax to be used for school construction and improvements in the high growth area of Cobb County, Georgia. Although these voters were relatively conservative with anti-tax leanings, American Viewpoint helped guide messaging that showed the importance of this SPLOST as well as the fiscal discipline school have shown with past SPLOST revenues