Telephone Surveys

American Viewpoint has conducted thousands of consumer surveys since 1985. From a technical perspective, our goal is to provide clients with error-free data as quickly as possible. Our technical facilities allow us to provide topline results upon the completion of interviewing and to produce custom crosstabs quickly. State-of-the-art CATI interviewing facilities are another key to conducting research rapidly and accurately. Through partnering arrangements with several telephone centers across the country, American Viewpoint has more than 1,000 computer-assigned telephone interviewing stations at its disposal.

Professional interviewing is essential to the quality of our research. Our interviewers receive extensive training before going "on-line" with respondents. As an extra layer of quality control, interviewers undergo continuous performance evaluations, supervision and monitoring to meet American Viewpoint performance standards. Further, interviewing programs are fully pre-tested before interviewing begins and interviews may be digitally recorded. These steps are taken to ensure that American Viewpoint's research products are the finest available anywhere.

Online Surveys

When the study calls for online approaches, American Viewpoint delivers rapid results.  We utilize member lists or commercial panels as needed and provide a complete online research package of design, hosting, data collection and analysis.

Other Survey Capabilities

In addition to our telephone and online survey capabilities, we offer in-house design, analysis, data processing and IT services to create specialized reporting and Web applications. We also offer Spanish language interviewing capability. In addition to telephone and online surveys, we can provide mail surveys if the need arises



Qualitative focus group research is an important component of public opinion research.  Although focus group results cannot be projected to the population, this research provides a powerful complement to quantitative work. Specifically, this research helps us to understand the reasons why people hold certain views and provides a setting in which we can introduce new ideas and information, or complex policy or benefit information, and gauge audience reactions. Qualitative research also helps guide quantitative efforts.

We offer a full range of qualitative research services from traditional focus group design and moderation to audience response dial testing, online focus groups and online advertising testing. Our moderators are experienced discussion leaders on a wide range of topics.



American Viewpoint has done dial testing for over 15 years across all types of industries.  Although television advertising is the most popular form of media to test, we have had significant experience in testing online advertising, radio shows and spots, new television shows and trial arguments.

In our view, the Perception Analyzer audience response dial testing system that we use is the best approach for testing advertising, spokesperson videos, concepts, the appeal of program elements or specific benefits and the likelihood of enrollment.  This system allows respondents to use hand-held dials to score various stimuli that are presented to them without interference from other respondents.  The system enables us to collect real-time reactions to scores of stimuli during the course of a two-hour group. 

One of the key features of the dial testing method is that it allows us to circumvent social filters and the influence of dominant personalities or "group think," and get respondents' own views.  In addition, respondents can rate television commercials or any other form of media on a moment-to-moment basis – providing continuous ratings and clearly identifying elements that are more or less effective.  The system also enables us to use a slide presentation to provide information (such as the characteristics of a prescription drug program) and assess individual reactions – again without interference from other group members.  The system has many features that enable us to provide you with enhanced qualitative research and another method of quantitative data collection.

Audience response dial testing enables us to present materials to the audience, record their dial responses in real-time, and portray the results in the form of graphical overlays and tables.  Our typical format is to follow the Perception Analyzer session with a focus group discussion to allow detailed discussion on questions of interest.



As the world around us changes, American Viewpoint is adapting in how survey research is being conducted, including using the Internet to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research. Internet surveys are often the best tool for mixed-modal research, by incorporating qualitative elements into quantitative research. American Viewpoint has the capability and experience to conduct Internet surveys, online focus groups and dial groups, ad testing surveys, and on-line bulletin boards and Qualboard focus groups.

Online surveys can provide several advantages:

  • Including multimedia into quantitative surveys by showing and testing ads, mail pieces, web sites, or design concepts.
  • They can be efficient for reaching highly specialized or hard-to-reach audiences such as doctors, small business owners or membership studies.
  • Online surveys can be useful for probing and fine tuning complex language for ballot initiatives or message testing by allowing a larger number of respondents to highlight and comment on specific words and phrases.
  • Online qualitative research (ad testing, focus groups, dial groups and bulletin boards) allows for recruiting of a broader geographic and demographic audience, rather than limiting respondents to a single location, as well as providing cost savings on travel.
  • Online bulletin boards and Qualboards can supplement social media monitoring and metrics by ensuring that the panel of respondents are your target audience.
  • Online bulletin boards and Qualboards can be conducted over several days or weeks, rather than just a single evening, allowing clients to gauge how external events are shaping respondent’s opinions.