A defense contractor was facing tremendous backlash regarding perceived ties to a well-known political figure.  Through a series of focus groups and surveys focused on opinion leaders, American Viewpoint tested messaging that helped drive their PR and paid advertising to focus on services the subsidiary provided which made deployed troop experiences more like home.  American Viewpoint provided a data-based argument to disengage from the political back and forth and pivot to a winning message.

An energy company was facing new environmental regulations that could change much of the way they produced energy.  Focus groups and a survey program helped guide them in how to explain what various environmental tests actually meant, what they were doing about it, and in the hypothetical case of a greater problem, how they would address it immediately.  Our research prepared them to roll out their rapid response well in advance of any problems.  We discovered that our client had the advantage of a strong reputation and brand with customers, and this knowledge allowed the client to leverage its reputation as a trustworthy messenger.

A rural hospital was being viewed as a monopoly in the community, and thus was perceived as offering lower quality of care than larger city hospitals.  In reality, the market was not large enough for a second hospital.  Our extensive message testing led to multiple marketing campaigns of varying focus including focusing on their quality of care, highlighting industry awards and patient testimonials.  The research also helped the client to understand the benefit of emphasizing their role in the community as the largest employer with good-paying jobs and its active role in multiple community organizations and events.  Over a five-year period, its brand ratings have improved from less than a 1 to 1 positive to negative ratio to a 20+% positive rating. 


A company faced a 60 Minutes story that obviously was going to be bad.  American Viewpoint conducted a dial group with opinion leaders live as it aired to identify what elements were most damaging and held a focus group discussion immediately following it to test specific responses to these charges.  The client was able to hit the ground running late Sunday night/early Monday morning to respond to and refute the charges made by 60 Minutes.