Stefanik has 25-point lead in GOP internal poll

The National Republican Congressional Committee on Monday released an internal poll showing U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Willsboro, with a 25 percentage-point lead in the 21st Congressional District race.

Stefanik was favored by 54 percent of those surveyed in the poll American Viewpoint conducted Wednesday and Thursday through a combination of telephone landline and cellular interviews...

AARP - New Survey Data Shows Boomer Women Voters Influenced by Economic Anxiety, Concerns about Social Security, and Caregiving Challenges

WASHINGTONOct. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At an event today on Boomer women and the 2016 election, AARP released new survey data highlighting the economic anxieties and other important concerns of women ages 50 to 69 in key battleground states.

LA Times - Here's what Britain's vote to leave the EU tells us about the U.S. presidential election

Trump’s comments, which drew groans from Republican political operatives, underscored another potential risk for him in the Brexit vote.

“Everything that I’ve seen suggests that Americans have been paying very little attention to this” until now, said Republican pollster Randall Gutermuth. 

Real Clear Politics - Elizabeth Warren Would Have Annihilated Them

Real Clear Politics - Elizabeth Warren Would Have Annihilated Them

Republican polling analyst Karlyn Bowman noted that in 2015 surveys, Warren ran behind Hillary and Joe Biden, but with surprisingly high name identification. Bowman added that Warren would have been helped by the Democrats’ leftward drift during the Obama years—and that 2016 exit polls have showed that huge numbers of Democrats believe the system favors the rich. “That would have been her calling card,” Bowman told me. “So I think she could have been a contender.”

Linda DiVall, a GOP pollster, wasn’t so sure. She thinks a significant and influential bloc of Democratic women “were already solidly behind HRC, it was Clinton's time—not Warren’s.”

LA Times - Bitter GOP divisions are like nothing the party has seen before

LA Times - Bitter GOP divisions are like nothing the party has seen before

Every day there's a new development in what pollster Randall Gutermuth calls this “hold your nose” presidential election. One day Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are beating each other up over policies; the next day they're exchanging blows over their wives. The Democrats, for once, seem mild-mannered in comparison, even if a fair number of people don't like their front-runner, Hillary Clinton, either.

American Petroleum Industry Woos Women for All Kinds of Jobs - Denver Post

The American Petroleum Institute hired two of the country’s leading researchers, who conducted surveys in six cities, including Denver, about attitudes and perceptions regarding employment in the oil and gas industry. They found that the largest barrier to women seeking jobs in the industry is the lack of knowledge about the opportunities available.

Washington Post - The 2014 electorate would have elected Mitt Romney. So what?

Republicans made marginal gains among non-white voters in 2014, but even those (generally) small improvements would have elected Mitt Romney president if that electorate had been present on election day 2012, according to a new analysis by the Republican polling firm American Viewpoint.

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