Since being founded in 1985 by Linda DiVall, American Viewpoint has become one of the most widely respected public opinion research firms in the country. American Viewpoint has a wide range of experience conducting research for corporate clients such as hospitals, insurance companies, telecommunications companies and non-profit organizations. Numerous corporations and organizations have also depended on American Viewpoint to help solve issues ranging from crisis management to brand development to membership satisfaction. American Viewpoint has served on the polling team of every Republican Presidential nominee since President Reagan and has helped elect countless U.S. Senators, Members of Congress, Governors and other elected officials across the country.  Latest News American Viewpoint Celebrates 30 Years LA Times/USC Dornife Poll The ongoing California Statewide Poll focuses on Education and Race Relations.  CBS News - NY Rep. Becomes Youngest Women in Congress Rep. Elise Stefanik, 30, was sworn in Tuesday, making her the youngest female to serve in Congress. American Viewpoint served as the pollster for Rep. Stefanik’s Campaign. Key Initial Highlights from Exit Polling Highlights, insight and takeways from the 2014 Exit Polls What Women Want - CNN Opinion Linda DiVall and other GOP Women Pollsters discuss findings from a study on women’s views towards politics and what they want to see. American Viewpoint Wins AAPC GOP Pollster of the Year Pollie Check out all the releases and infographics from our National Survey in the Latest News Section 1199 N. Fairfax St. Suite 808, Alexandria, VA 22314     703.684.3325 (phone)     703.684.9295 (fax)     info@amview.com “American Viewpoint provides so much more than numbers.  They were an invaluable member of our strategy team, incorporating updated polling data with input into message direction and coalition development.  They understand resource allocation and maximized our campaign’s ability to deliver its message to our target audience, and their daily tracking memos helped us seize the offensive and drive down my opponent’s numbers.” Senator Roy Blunt, R(MO) American Viewpoint has Moved 1199 N. Fairfax St. Suite 808  Alexandria, VA 22314